Hello, I’m Lee Eisenbarth.
I am a senior-level graphic designer who has been crafting brands, websites, products and more since 2008.


I gained a strong foundation in design by creating tour merchandise, album layouts and websites while traveling with various musical acts across the country as a drummer. While designing in vans, busses, and numerous Hampton Inns was fun for 3 1/2 years… I decided that the next logical step was to find an office without wheels, and $29.95/night internet.


Since 2013 I have been working as a brand & UI designer for MilesHerndon in Indianapolis. I have led key projects for companies that operate in a variety of industries including real estate, B2B, SaaS, packaged goods and non profits. I’m known for my work ethic, love of thai food, and ability to remain enthusiastic about projects during periods of grind.


I have a strong desire to continue growing as a multi-disciplined creative. I find myself thriving in environments that provide opportunities for collaboration, mutual respect, creativity, and mentorship. More than anything else, I plan on continuing to work with people who truly believe in the product or service that they are bringing to the market.